Premium Blocking Boards for Knitting with Grids - Handcrafted Wood Crochet Blocking Board with 20 Stainless Steel Pins


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  • 🌲 The Last Blocking Board You'll Ever Need - Unlike tradition blocking mat which is made of cheap foam, our wood board is made of high quality recycled wood and designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • 🌲 Unlimited Usages - No need to throw away your boards after each project. With our wood board, you can simply remove the pins and start a new project anytime you want.
  • 🌲 Unlimited Potential - With 891 available grids within 13 X 13 inches working space, the sky is the limit. We have created some crazy stuff with this board, and you should too!
  • 🌲 Added Bonus - We know you want to get started right away with your projects, which is why we included 20 stainless steel pins with the package. These pins will fit tightly to the grid holes, allowing you to create the perfect project.
  • 🌲Backed by Yarn Mania Warranty and that means a Lifetime Warranty. Check out our other crafting products and see why hundreds of thousands customers love shopping with us.
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